My earliest memory of hearing the Blues was when my father took me, regularly, at a very young age, to a long gone Blues club in Memphis, where we lived, called Blues Alley. Like my father, I was entranced by this music that seemed to clutch at my heart. Both of my parents are from the Mississippi Delta, so being curious about my roots, I attended college at Delta State University, studying painting under the renowned Delta artist, Sammy Britt. My days were colored by hours spent contemplating life while drinking cheap wine on the hood of an old car parked in a cotton field, and fateful nights spent exploring the levee, old vacant plantation houses, and one curious night actually daring to go to “the Crossroads". These days were to come back to me much later in life.
After a long stint in Atlanta, following roads that lead not to my heart’s desire, I fell in love with my soulmate, and followed her to live in my soulcity, New Orleans. Feeling alive with possibility, I had my first show here in 2008, and have shown every year since. In the past two years I have been drawn back to the music that so moved me as a child, and to memories of the strange, haunting pull of the Delta.
I create portraits of my favorite Blues artists, literally in black and blue. If you look closely, you’ll see that the background of each piece consists of hand-written lyrics to a song by that artist. Each painting is then mounted on distressed wood. Just for fun, I add the name of the artist using old scrabble tiles, and finish them off with a vintage license place from the birth state of that musician.
The Blues tell a story, and I hope, through my work, to keep these stories alive. My Bluesmen still wail and moan, in their time worn passions. I feel lucky, ‘cause every day I got the Blues.

“Got my mojo working, it just don’t work on you."
Muddy Waters